Are you ready for a Video Interview?

A 2019 survey revealed that 47% of employers use video interviews in their recruitment process*. This trend has increased in recent months due to travel restrictions and other business disruptions. Are you ready for a Video Interview? Here are some tips :

Tip #1 - Lighting Lighting is the key to great video. Make sure there is ample light in front of you rather than behind you. For example, you can bring in a desk lamp to light the side of your face or sit next to a window.

Tip #2 - Turn off any devices that “Ding” If you have instant messenger, text messages, or other apps that “ding” open on your desktop, be sure to turn them off before your video calls. The notifications on your computer are broadcasting during zoom call.

Tip #3: Ensure Camera is at the Right Angle Too much headroom can be distracting, so here’s a simple way to set up: once your video is on, make sure your eyes are at the camera level.

Tip #4: Grooming is Important Whether working from home or remotely, be sure to check your appearance before each video meeting. Check your hair/makeup and clothing choices; business casual is your best bet.

Tip #5: Check your Background Be mindful of what’s behind you – plain white wall is a good background choice. Good Luck !! *This data was originally cited by Greg Doersching

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