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College Graduates are now Opting for Job Stability

What does a dream job for a college graduate look like in this economy? Survey** suggests that 73% of college graduates are looking for job stability. What has led to this shift in attitude? It’s the pandemic, followed with inflation and recent layoffs. The unemployment rate is at an all-time low. There are hundreds of job openings in the manufacturing industry which go unfilled, due to lack of talent pool.

With the college tuitions rising and the rise in interest rate; paying off college loans has more difficult. It makes sense to find a job which offers career growth, stability and advancement in a firm.

If you are a college graduate, looking for job stability, a firm that offers you long term prospects and good benefits - you are in the right place.

DBSI Services is a Engineering Staffing firm, which specializes in finding jobs for its engineers and technicians in the manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and medical device industry all over the US. If you are looking for a job, click here to review our current openings:

**Adapted from an article in the NY Times

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