Looking for a Job?

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in helping you with your next job search. Here are five easy tips that will help you!

Update Your Profile Regularly

Let people know you are looking for a job! LinkedIn now offers a feature called “Open to Work,” which allows you to display a badge on your profile photo indicating that you are looking for a new job. You have to make sure you update your profile, with your professional photo, with the most current skills and keywords listed on your profile.

Get Your Skills Endorsed & Verified

Ask one of your current or former colleagues to “endorse” your skills. LinkedIn offers a feature where current and former colleagues can “endorse” the skills you’ve listed. You can take the extra step to verify your skills, which can be done by completing a LinkedIn skill assessment test. This lets you display a Skills Badge on your profile.

Being Active on the Platform

Are you active on LinkedIn? Be sure to comment on articles, posts, and your network's professional accomplishments. Be strategic about connecting with new people – if you want to get noticed, find commonalities with the person you are connecting with, at your target companies.

Be Proactive

Setting up job alerts is very important in your job search. This feature will alert you to the job posting as soon as it goes live on LinkedIn.

Time is of Essence

Now that your profile is ready, start applying to jobs. Research has shown that you are four times more likely to hear back from a job recruiter or hiring manager if you apply for a job posting within the first 10 minutes.

*The information above has been written by Ila Choudhary, via a compilation of resources from NY Times and LinkedIn.

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