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How good is the Akon WOW Factor - Vol.2, Vol.3, Vol.4?The Akon WOW Factor Volume 3 is in his native country, Nigeria, which is good because I don't know too many people who like his music who know about the artists on this album. It also features songs from artist with a few urban songs thrown in for good measure. It's got some decent tracks but I'm never really in a mood to listen to a lot of new artists, which was what I thought I'd be doing with this album. Who am I kidding, I couldn't care less about Akon and his ilk. Then I came across a track that had a beat that was easy on the ears, and it sounded more like a real track rather than something I'd hear on a radio playlist. That beat was on a song called Fokkin' My Way. It featured some seriously catchy vocals by Naeto C, and it really set me thinking. The title track to this compilation is pretty much an example of what I'm talking about. It's got the sounds, beat and vocals that I wanted and I like the fact that I've heard it somewhere before, which is a pretty rare thing nowadays. But how would I feel about hearing this on the radio? Well, at least on a high rotation playlist like Radio One, I think it would work pretty well, and I think it's a good pop song. If a lot of people started raving about this song, the decision might be made to put this out as an album. Which, it really wouldn't be a bad idea at all. Would it be an R&B album with a lot of urban Hip-Hop appeal. If you like Akon's sing-song style, this album is for you. He talks about more than just picking up women, there's a lot of romantic undertones to the lyrics. The really great thing about this album is that the production is all pretty good quality. I can see this becoming a hit single pretty soon if it isn't already. Comments Advantages Disadvantages Good album but that one song ruins it for me We've all heard 'Won't you come with me' by Akon before. And while I thought that song was pretty good, I didn't really think much of the rest of the album. This new album by Akon is good but there is one song I absolutely love,




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Download Akon - Konvicted [Deluxe Edition] [2007] Torrent - KickassTorrents

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