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I am very thankful to be a part of such a wonderful organization and I am looking forward to a lasting relationship with DBSI. Thanks again.

Current Employee

DBSI’s staff are doing  an awesome job. Working together is a pleasure and to tell you the truth, your company is the best in class that I've worked with.”

Account Manager KPIT

Thank you for your support. Truly a pleasure working with you.

Accounts Head at Larsen & Toubro

You were one of the top recruiting firm to work on this role, so please help us get more like the ones you have submitted.

Recruiter at Roche Diagnostics

Good managerial support. Talented team members. Good place to learn and sharpen skills.
Work from home option is also available. Lots of learning opportunities and skill development
opportunities through in-house trainings.

Anonymous Employee


I have been a former employee as well as now I am a current employee and I just have one way to describe it is that "I'll never regret working here" All thanks to my colleagues and management for such a wonderful work place.

I don't find any till now

Advice to Management

As of now everything is good

Glassdoor Review

I highly recommend DBSI for all your staffing needs. Amit provides top talent and highly suitable candidates for your roles, regardless of the function or industry. He provided prompt feedback and an exceptional level of customer service that surpasses any I have ever received from someone in the business

Manufacturing Industry

Future Engineering


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