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Are manufacturing jobs coming back to the US?

Are manufacturing jobs coming back to the US and will that become the core of American economy again? The decline of manufacturing jobs has mainly been in the automotive sector. With the decline of unions, the wages saw a sharp decline and the effect was felt more so in the manufacturing jobs. This further led to a reduction in the number of people applying for jobs in the manufacturing sector. There has been a constant push with the current and previous administration towards job creation in middle America. As stated by the New York Times, these jobs will be good jobs only if partial revival of manufacturing is accompanied by a restoration of worker bargaining power. There is no reason a union

revival must be restricted to manufacturing”. America today is primarily a service economy, not to say unions cannot prevail in a service economy. Let's take the example of the healthcare sector; there are still quite a few healthcare systems which operate under the union contracts. With the UAW fighting for the rights of its workers we can only hope that jobs which have unions to protect them might get better for workers and will encourage more candidates to apply in the manufacturing and healthcare industries.

If you are looking for a job in manufacturing or health care, and want to work in an unionized

environment, we would encourage you to contact us. We can find you your ideal job with good pay and good benefits. Email us at or visit our website to view our current openings.

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