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Let’s find out how Royal Enfield, the motorcycle maker is keeping it’s 91 year old tradition alive

Royal Enfield the British motorcycle maker 91 years later has launched the latest version of its iconic 2 Wheeler - Bullet which looks virtually identical to the original one. This makes Bullet the most unchanging vehicle in continuous production and among the most immutable products ever manufactured.

Being manufactured in India since 1994, it is a commercial and a cultural phenomenon it still outsells most of Royal Enfield’s other offerings including more modern designs of an earlier version. It’s popularity stretches far beyond the Indian borders, they can be seen on the hilly slopes of eastern and western Europe. There are at least 1200 devoted riding clubs in India from Punjab to the mountain slopes in Ladakh in Kashmir. Not only are they a favorite of the Indian army, these motorbikes are also featured in the Bollywood movies. It’s affordable pricing at $2400, with machines that never seem to expire and the ease of getting it repaired, makes it a popular two Wheeler. In today's world with ever- changing consumer tastes and an evolving technology, Bullet has managed to keep its appeal with the motorcycle lovers.

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