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Manufacturing Jobs that are Booming!

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Amid all the uncertainty of impending recession, U.S. manufacturing industry is thriving, with companies adding workers to keep up with the high consumer demand for products. With Covid-19’s disruption of the global supply chains; companies have decided to bring manufacturing back to the US.This is all good news for candidates looking for jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Various legislative initiatives have been introduced to boost domestic manufacturing, including direct spending on infrastructure, tax credits and other subsidies for manufacturing firms: like maker of cars, batteries and chips. As of August, this year, manufacturers have added back about 1.43 million jobs. Since June 2020, factories have added more than 30,000 jobs a month.* According to the National Association of Manufacturers; “We have 67,000 more workers today than we had in February 2020.”

What makes it even better is that companies are open and willing to hire employees with varied industry backgrounds and are willing to train them with skills required for their open positions. Our experience with the automotive industry shows the firms are also offering higher salaries now.

If you are looking to change your industry and explore the opportunities in the automotive industry, given its new emerging technologies in the EV market; check out our current job openings for technical and engineering roles.

*NY Times

Adapted from article published in The NY Times

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