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Are we ready for the EV evolution?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

The thrill of driving an EV is a dream come true for most drivers. There are about 6 million pioneers who will opt to drive the EVs, but that still constitutes only about 8% of car buyers, given that EV ownership is still in its infant stages.

As the EV ownership is becoming trendier, it is more important to have public network of charging stations. Fast charging stations will put the EV drivers at ease, especially when they plan to go on longer car rides. EV models will have to do what Tesla is doing: Tesla has provided its own mapping software which directs its cars on long journeys and works out the best route weaving through its dedicated “Supercharger” network.

The good thing about EVs is that they can be charged at home or in office parking lots, or at an off-street parking. An average American drive around 31.07 miles a day and current EV models typically have batteries with ranges between 248 miles to 403 miles. The most common one is the curbside charging, provided at dedicated points, where cars might park overnight. The “destination” charging on the other hand is becoming more widely available in parking lots at shopping centers, restaurants and movie theaters.

But are there enough public chargers to satisfy the demand of these EV drivers? As per Boston Consulting Group, there are only there are about nine EVs per charging point in America today. The International Energy Agency predicts that 40 million public charging points will be needed, throughout the world, by the end of this decade. *

With the rapid growth announced by all EV manufacturers, the number of charging stations will also go up. The EV drivers just need to be more patient…

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